Call for Papers

PLDC is the leading global conference dedicated to Architectural Lighting Design with the sole purpose of promoting the art, science and culture of professional lighting design. The convention will address topics of concern and interest to lighting designers and lighting professionals worldwide, inviting them to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas and network on a platform that goes beyond national boundaries and regional associationsā€™ work.

This Call for Papers addresses both experienced practising professional lighting designers as well as the new generation of lighting professionals, plus dedicated researchers and educators, industry representatives, and professionals from related disciplines whose work affects and involves professional lighting designers. PLDC is an educational event which encourages lighting professionals to share their insight and know-how, and where even the most skilled masters of the art can learn from newcomers.Ā 

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Traditionally, there will be four tracks: Professional Practice Issues, Lighting Application Case Studies and Research. The fourth track for Rotterdam will be Office & Retail.Ā Previously published/presented papers will not be accepted.
All speaker benefits are per presentation, not per speakers.

As an addition to the conference papers, the organisers will again offerĀ Experience Rooms / Spaces.Ā Please make sure to read through theĀ guidelines for Experience Rooms.Ā 

The Call for Papers will be open untilĀ 16. November, 2018, 11 pm /GMT.Ā Authors/speakers will be informed of the decision by VIA Events inĀ February 2019.Ā 

We look forward to your submissions!

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