Lighting for the exteriors has always been an ambitious, challenging task for civilisation. The ability to illuminate the outdoors at night has dramatically affected the development of societies. From the influence on our circadian rhythms to its impact on our night-time economy, exterior lighting has been a key factor that advanced us and enabled our way of life.
If we leave the traditional notions and considerations of exterior lighting based on the spatial typologies aside and think of the task of lighting for the exterior setting consisting of the ‘living’ and ‘non-living’ elements, a different dimension of lighting needs and requirements become apparent.
On the one hand the things we illuminate can be alive and in constant change, whether as fast as transformations on any given day or throughout seasons or as slow as several years or decades. On the other hand, we illuminate structures that change in very different ways, as the materials they are made of age through time, again in a wide spectrum, from very fast to very slow.
Exterior lighting is a lot more about embracing the ‘change’ than we tend to think of. Would this change the way we approach exterior lighting? And how?
This talk will pose and answer philosophical questions about exterior lighting and new ways of design that “embrace the change”.

Emrah Baki Ulas, lighting designer | teamleader Steensen Varming

Embrace the Change – Questioning Exterior Lighting (zie abstract)

Lighting Design Academy Amersfoort, taal Engels

€ 35,- excl. BTW

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