Do you want to expand your knowledge in photobiological safety? On 21st and 22nd March 2017 DEKRA and Bentham Instruments will host an exclusive two day training course covering an array of subjects chosen to ensure your understanding of the basis, testing requirements and your requirements in this important area.


In-depth consideration of photobiological safety standards, including:
EN/IEC 62471
IEC TR 62471-2
The new approach for lighting applications
EN/IEC 62471-5
The history of LED classification
CE marking and directives; relation to photobiological safety and background of the directives in lighting
The nature and measurement of light
The quantification of light emission characteristics
photobiological safety metrology: measurement quantities and instrumentation
Review of current hot topics including circadian disruption and flicker

Register now and be sure to book your place. We hope to welcome you at our training course!